“Like Susie, I know how important treating your body, mind and spirit like royalty is. Doing this helps you live by example and succeed in all areas of your life. The important thing is to realize that we all have beauty, we all have talents and we all have passions. We do not need to compare ourselves to others, but instead find our own and make the most of them. Susie's book teaches you just that. I do that in my work also. Think about ways you can elevate the world too, just by being you.”

~Amanda Russell, TV Host, Celebrity Fitness Expert - Hot Body Fitness; Fit, Strong and Sexy

“Susie definitely shows her expertise in sharing her wisdom on how to gain confidence and sex appeal from the inside out. Be prepared for an amazing transformation after you follow her tips in Sexy, Fit & Fab at Any Age!"

~Hidi Lee, Your Image Expert, Lingerie Designer, Speaker and Author of Almost Naked- Lingerie, Secret of the Guilty Pleasure


"I believe every woman, regardless of her age, desires to have the boldness, bravery and confidence to say "Yes" to being her most healthy, sexy and fabulous self.  Unfortunately, many are bound by fear, negative self-talk and low self-esteem which holds them back from living the life they are truly destined to live. Susie Augustin's book, Sexy Fit & Fab at Any Age! is a must-read guide for any woman who is ready to make her personal growth a priority, release her fears and unleash her radiance."
~Tiffany Hendra, Beauty & Style Expert, Spiritual Mentor, Host & Creator of Sanctuary of Style


“Susie opens up new realms of possibility for women of any age to connect with their inner beauty and outer appeal. She introduces 8 simple and accessible keys to be the best you - living in your highest self at any age. Susie is a rare gem who walks her teachings and exemplifies what it means to be Sexy, Fit and Fab at Any Age!

~Shajen Joy Aziz, M.Ed., Author of Internationally Acclaimed book and documentary - Discover The Gift 


“Susie Augustin's book is filled with the tools and wisdom needed to fuel your confidence, embrace who you truly are inside and out and improve your life. She is warm, witty and reassuring. I highly recommend this book to women of all ages who want to feel inspired to move forward fearlessly while exuding beauty, confidence and sex appeal.”
~Kim Somers Egelsee, Inspirational Speaker, TV Host, Bestselling Author of Getting Your Life to a 10 Plus


“Susie Augustin encourages women to embrace their natural beauty and live a healthy lifestyle. Sexy, Fit and Fabulous at any Age is about more than just looking sexy. When your mind, body and spirit are in harmony, you’ll be radiant with self-confidence and others will be drawn to you.”

~John Maly, Owner/President of Mirabella Beauty


“The real beauty of being a woman is that we have the innate ability to ‘become’ whatever we put our hearts to. Sexy, Fit and Fab at Any Age encourages true transformation from the inside out providing eight nuggets full of worthy essentials for every layer of life. “

 ~Starla Faye, Author, Publisher & Two Talk Books Radio Host


"In this book Susie reminds us to be conscious about and realize how important it is as women to keep ourselves centered emotionally and fit physically and from there we can exude our most confident, sexy, successful side. Feeling great about yourself from the inside out and the outside in breeds success in all facets of our lives.  Well done, my friend!"   

~Karla Keene, CEO of ClarityRx Clinical Skin Care


“As a woman, I know how important it is to take care of myself, but I also know I have to make the time or it won’t happen.  And it’s not just the outside that matters—true beauty begins within.  In Sexy, Fit and Fab at Any Age, Susie Augustin teaches you what it really means to be your best self—inside and out—and she makes it easy!  And, I cannot think of a better person to write this book! Susie is the epitome of Sexy, Fit and Fabulous!  Thank you, Susie, for teaching us how take care of ourselves—and allow our most authentic self to shine, no matter what our age.”

~Ursula Mentjes, Bestselling Author of Selling with Intention, Inspirational Speaker and Founder of Sales Coach Now


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sexy, Fit and Fab at Any Age as Susie Augustin shares her 8 principles with honesty, sharing her expertise which is relatable to every woman. This is a must-read as you will feel more empowered as you incorporate essential techniques and embrace your unique qualities!"

~Nancy Ferrari, Radio Personality, Life Coach


"Susie Augustin, author of Sexy, Fit & Fab at Any Age! is a wonderful writer and an amazing speaker. Listening to her speak was nothing short of brilliant! A woman of power for sure and someone I would love on my team!" 

~Tino Luciano, Producer and Director, Law Dog Productions


“Thank you Susie Augustin, this is a must read for everyone even if you are sexy, fit & fab because there is something here for everyone in a fun, playful and engaging read. Susie Augustin makes you feel like she is speaking directly to you ...as a BFF, she makes you see your beauty and discover new ways to bring it out, to embrace what you see as flaws that are now your strength and ultimately your true beauty. Susie also has pages to log your goals, progress and/or thoughts to journal... I LOVE IT!!!”

~Dr Lisa Christiansen, Global Empowerment Speaker and Best-Selling Author of 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career